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About Us

We are a group of Central American companies, seeking efficiency in the international market, through marketing research, logistics, financial support, adaptability, creativity and customer service.

Business started in March of 2,000 by Mrs. Patricia Paiz, who worked at La Fragua Corporation (Central America) for 26 years as head of purchasing in the non-foods area. Kepix Corp. began operations in October of that year, exporting food products to the Guatemalans living in the U.S.

Kepix Corp. stands out for the variety of products offered, also for high quality of cargo packaging, the speed and accuracy of shipments. Our main customers are wholesalers serving supermarkets in the USA, Canada and other countries.

We export full 40’ containers from Central America, the most important brands of groceries from Central America, which respond to consumer demand living in the United States.

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